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What Are The Different Benefits Of An AA Chip? Alcohol can be addictive and there are a lot of people that are hooked to it. In order to live a better and longer life, the group AA or Alcoholic Anonymous helps these individuals get rid of the habit. These people encourage all alcoholic dependents to meet and then share their stories with each other. By doing so, they will be able to empower each other. There promise of quitting can be empowered through having these meetings. The addiction has been broken by a lot of people that are members of these group. These groups also cater drug related problems aside from alcoholism. The members of this group can develop genuine friendship. All of these positive factors can help one person with the addiction. Chips or coins are being given out by tie group to its members. These are called AA chips or coins and have different colors and designs. There are symbols that can be seen in the coin or the chip that has a meaning. The coins also do have meanings as you will be given white coin if you will make it through a day without drinking alcohol. It is the bronze coin that you will get once you will be sober for a week. Once you reached a month of being sober, then you will get a metallic type of coin or chip. More and more chips or coins can be collected by you once you remain sober for a long time. The members if these group can get a lot of benefits from the AA coins or chips that they are giving out. One of the benefits that one can get from receiving these coins is that they will be reminded of the importance of being sober. When you place your life in alcohol, then you are just wasting it. The importance of one’s life can be remembered by the individual through these chips. It is through the coins or the chips that the individual will be reminded of how important it is to take care of one’s body.
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The members will enjoy receiving these coins or chips. Receiving these coins can be fun due to the different colors, designs and shapes that they come from. It is the small pleasures that are able to provide the greatest joy. The next color and design that members will get is something that they are looking forward to. There is fun in the goal of these individuals to be sober for life.
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Another advantage of these coins us that to provide individuals of the memory of the journey that they have been through. When you collect, you are reminded of the things and places that you have seen or been, and these coins also reminds the owner of the struggles and hardships that he went through.

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Learn More About Alcoholics Anonymous and AA Tokens, Chips, Coins and Medallions One of the greatest common problems of the society, nowadays, is alcoholism, which is also known as AUD or alcohol use disorder which is divided into two basic types, namely the alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse and these certain habit or act would lead to the harmful effects of both the physical and mental health of an individual. A certain individual can be recognized as an alcoholic if they are experiencing certain conditions like practicing this act or habit for a very long duration of time, having the difficulty of quitting or cutting down alcohol, they were not able and capable of fulfilling their responsibilities and functions in life, they desired to drink alcohol every day, social and health problems occur, they became tolerant to any forms of alcohol and they are engaged into risky situations like DUIA or driving under the influence of alcohol or having unsafe intercourse. This certain addiction affects the entire human body, particularly the liver, brain, heart, pancreas and immune system, thus lead to several diseases such as irregular heartbeat or heart rate, liver failure, mental illness, Wernicke-korsakoff syndrome and develop a much greater risk of the development of cancers, and for pregnant women would also affect the baby and cause damage and development of health disease called fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Good thing is that some people suffering from alcoholism wants to recover from such unhealthy lifestyle, thus wants to change into a much better life and wants to help their fellow alcoholics to do the same thing, and some of them produce a certain group which basically focus on their condition and an example for the is the AA or Alcoholic Anonymous which is an anonymous fellowship group. Alcoholics Anonymous are designed and built to function as a provider and promoter of wellness and the acts of change towards all of the members of the fellowship group through sharing their strengths, hopes and experiences in their basic desire and aim in life to recover from alcohol addiction and to find a probable solution for their problem with alcoholism. The AA has produced a certain chip system program which is a method that could be of great use in helping the new members to pursue their desire for a better and health life and it is basically a twelve steps program that can only be completed and achieved if the member will remain sober for a long duration of time, and if they did passed or completed a year program they are going to be given thirteen pieces of tokens which they called as AA coins, chips or medallion s. AA chips or coins or medallions comes in different colors and each of them have their very own symbol which pertains to the duration of time or days or months or years that a certain member remained in the condition of sobriety, like white colored chip is for a day or twenty four hours of sobriety, silver colored chip for a month or thirty days of beings sober, dark gold for two months of beings sober, red for three months of beings sober, yellow for six months, green for nine months of sobriety and blue for a year of being sober. The people who are in need to purchase AA token to help the people who are suffering from alcoholism but wants to have a new life can find the website which sells AA tokens in the internet, which also offers other services such as shipping and online payment options for their clients in other places.

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The Benefits of Using Beard Oil

If you are someone with beard, you know that it can get pretty dry and frizzy; this is why using beard oil can benefit you a lot. Because this beard oil can do wonders to their beards, more and more men are going after this amazing oil. Beard oil can actually provide a whole lot of benefits, and so if you are someone with a beard, then using beard oil will benefit you, too. We are now going to look at the top benefits that anyone with long or short beard can get from these beard oils.

The first benefit to beard oil is that it will give your beard an unbelievably good look. The feeling of your beard after using beard oil will also be really good so not only will it look good but it will also feel good. These beard oils make your beard feel good because it has a lot of naturally good and essential oils. Now you can get rid of the ugly, fizzy beard because beard oil will make your beard feel nice and soft. Your hair needs to be kept clean and conditioned; this is also so with a man’s beard, it needs to be kept clean, polished and very conditioned. You should really consider using beard oil especially if you feel like your beard is getting to look really rough and tough.

Another thing that beard oil can benefit you in is that it can actually make your beard very healthy. As I have state earlier, these beard oils usually have a lot of essential oils in them so you are sure that your beard will be more healthy. Your beard will be getting all the essentials that it needs to stay healthy. Again, the hair on your head is just the same as your hair on your face so it is equally true that both need to be healthy. Having a healthy beard is a wonderful thing and you can accomplish this by using these really healthy essential oils for your beard.

And finally, another reason why the beard oil is so beneficial and so popular to men that carry a beard is because it removes dandruff in the beard, thus preventing it from becoming very itchy. Many guys always complain about this dandruff in beards and how to get rid of them because they are very uncomfortable and itchy. Dandruff and itching are caused by dead cells or trapped oils beneath your beard. So the longer your beard grows the less likely it is to be nourished all round by the natural sebum oils, because the sebum oils do not increase or decrease. Itch, redness and dry beard are all the causes of a lack of sebum oil underneath your beard.